Web Application:


We created an educational web game for the National Museum of Language. This application is an interactive story where the player speaks with numerous characters, and shows visitors what it was like to be a field agent for the Dictionary of American Regional English in the 1960s.

Our studio produced all art assets, game script and game design/scenario. Project built in Unity and embedded into client's website.



We concepted, designed, and developed a mobile application where players build ecosystems by connecting planetoids and civilizations.  The game features numerous species of playable "Seedizens" and the worlds they inhabit, along with the enemies and challenges they face.

The game was conceptualized and designed by Zephyr Workshop team, with dozens of illustrated art assets in creative world. Game prototype created rapidly and won numerous awards including 1st Place in the Indie Alpha Category and the People's Choice award at the annual MassDiGI Game Challenge.